Catering, Outdoor Grilling & BBQ classes

how we do it so you can too!


Learn to cook this!


Whatever food you want to learn how to cook we'll help teach you how to make it like a pro.  From grill or smoker selection, to the right tools and spices to buy, and cooking techniques, at the end of the class you'll be ready to fire it up at home. 

If you've tired of just grilling hamburgers, dry chicken, or your fish falls apart and want to step it up a notch we've got the recipe for you.  We teach people how to cook real food and upscale BBQ around the Charlotte. 
We'll teach you how to WOW your friends, family members, or business clients grilling amazing appetizers, delectable mains, succulent sides, and delicious desserts all on your grill or smoker.  For starting at only $60 per person we come to you spending 3-4 hours grilling, eating, and talking.  And that includes all your food!  

Sometimes couples put together a class, sometimes professionals who want to entertain clients, sometimes just a bunch of people who want to take their food up a notch.  We need a minimum of 10 with a maximum of 30 to hold a class.