Catering, Outdoor Grilling & BBQ classes

WELCOME TO Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ

"If it was living or growing I'll grill it"

Winter is the best time for BBQ!  It's cold outside but some great hot brisket, pork, or KA beans are a great way to heat up.  We also cater a wide variety of traditional foods as well so we can make any party perfect. 

BBQ and outdoor grilling classes are now being scheduled for the spring.  We'll teach you how to make great meals all on your grill or smoker!

We offer both BBQ and traditional menus to help you plan that great event and we guarantee your guests will be happy!  Contact us for more information

We are an award winning professional BBQ and outdoor cooking team.  Unlike many "retail" locations we specialize in catering, BBQ and outdoor grilling classes, and occasional professional competitions.  Because we don't have a restaurant our overhead is lower and that allows us to make everything to order the way it was meant to be made (usually low and slow), and pass the savings along to our clients. 

When it comes to BBQ catering NOBODY does it better than we do in Charlotte.  We can cook just about anything you need whether it's traditional Q with hickory smoked pulled pork, apple smoked chicken, or mesquite chicken and amazing sides, or upscale Q with tenderloins, whole birds, exotic game, or a variety of seafood. We also serve traditional catering items as well.  If it was living or growing we'll cook it.  Catering is available for private and corporate events with a minimum order of $250 per event.  Call for details.

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